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My name is Jane Lambert. I am a T.A.G.B. 6th Degree Black Belt, the Holistic Tae Kwon-Do Coach, a passionate wellness warrior with a personal interest in movement and mobility. I am the Lead Instructor here at Holistic TKD.

We take a very holistic, 360 degree approach to health and wellness, emphasising the importance of inspiring our members to love, nourish and move their bodies, empowering them to shine.

About Our Classes

Our classes cater to recreational and professional students with various training goals, whether it is to meet new people, learn self-defence skills, prepare for competition, or be active and have fun. Our emphasis is on creating a positive learning environment where everyone can leave their training session happy, fit, connected, informed and inspired.

When you join Holistic Tae Kwon-Do, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and instantly feel the warmth and camaraderie of our community. You’ll make new friends and form a lasting relationship with your instructors and fellow students for a truly enriching and life-changing training experience unlike anything else you have tried!

With in-depth and comprehensive coaching, you will receive the guidance you need to keep improving throughout your journey, whatever your goals.

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Booking your free trial gives you the chance to experience the training and culture at Holistic Tae Kwon-Do first hand. Get to know the team and see what Tae Kwon-Do is all about.

Enjoy a positive and supportive environment with some of the most skilled instructors in the country and an awesome TKD family to help keep you motivated along the way.



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